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About Us.

The webmaster
at has been trading in the stock market since the end of 1987 and has been a full time Daytrader since 2001. He has spent *many* hours researching for, learning to use and tweaking many stock charting software packages.

This site
has been designed to bring together the information gained in that personal search, since the webmaster wishes it had been available when he started looking, and he hopes he can save visitors to this site a great deal of time and effort.

We also plan to include (over time), information and useful resources to help traders find all the training you need for your study of technical analysis. From information of the things you need to trade, where to find it, basic training in chart styles, pattern recognition, price forecasting, the techniques of W.D. Gann, Fibonacci and other trading legends, oscillators and other indicators all the way to neural nets and genetic algorithms.

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We welcome traders sending us information
about new stock market charting packages, data vendors, training providers, brokers, their special indicators, plugins and systems, user reviews of all those things, or any other information relevant to traders not already listed here. We also welcome feedback from site visitors. Contact Us

Most important are the reviews
of your personal experiences with the charting packages, training courses you’ve taken, brokers you use or any experience anywhere in the trading environment you would like to share with others, and help them on their way too. Send us your review.

(note: if your review is of a software product, please include the version number)

Please take the time to study all the information on the site. Good luck, and remember, relax and have fun on your journey.






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