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Trading Computers:

What makes a “GOOD” Trading Computer.

Today’s sophisticated trading software is very demanding. During periods of volatile market activity the processor will be challenged to keep up with the flow of data and calculations necessary to draw your charts and indicators. “Slippage” is the difference between the price you thought you would get when you entered your order, and what you actaully got. A faster computer means less slippage because your order gets to the market sooner. A good trading computer can pay for itself in just a short time by reducing this slippage, and from then on the extra profits (AND reduced losses) makes a handsome return on investment.

 Multiple Monitors
One of the core features of a trading computer is its ability to support more than one or two monitors. The average trader who supports themself by trading will use between six and eight monitors. Some use as few as four monitors. New traders may find this a bit overwhelming, but once experience is gained it will make perfect sense. Experienced traders often watch the market in multiple timeframes, as well as using other markets to add information. Orders are usually entered on a separate screen, in addition to news feeds etc.

When you have real money on the line, you need reliable equipment. Employing methods similar to those found in the aerospace/aviation industry to make the most reliable computers possible is essential. The supplies of Today’s modern trading computers undergo an extensive series of tests to make sure that they are 100% ready for rigorous service. Performance testing to determine the correct settings to tune the computer for maximum performance, stability, and reliability. Non-destructive stress testing is performed to discover components that are working, but are weak and will fail too soon. This reduces not only expensive downtime, but failures that might occur at some critical time during a trade.

 Warranty and Support
When you are trading real money, you need reliability. It is a mistake to try to save a small amount of money up front, only to have increased breakdowns and serious delays getting repairs for the failed equipment. Look for a trading computer supplier that has experience with Trader’s requirements: experienced technical staff, support staff that can answer your questions, fast turnaround and a long warranty.

 Why we Recommend Trading
Falcon computers from are much more powerful than consumer or business class computers. Most consumers and business have simple demands of a computer and don't need a lot of power. Competitive pricing pressures push millions of cheap low-powered computers out every month. These computers have only a limited ability to run today’s powerful charting programs. Low-powered computers are limited on the number of charts and indicators that can be displayed. Falcon computers are affordable and fast; the first choice of many successful traders. Falcon Trading System computers have the extra speed that traders need to keep up with the markets and get their orders in first.

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Falcon Trading Computers

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